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Spidey Sense: Web-Sling Your Way To Become Better At Business

Spider Man
Tom Holland stars as Spider-Man in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING. Image c/o Shutterstock.

Spider-Man has never found the going easy. And Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Marvel comic-book hero’s latest cinematic outing, proves that things are still pretty much the same for everyone’s favourite wall-crawler.

Yet, despite his challenges this time around — which includes everyone now knowing Peter Parker’s secret identity and villains from alternate realities showing up — Spidey’s once more determined to put the world right and protect his loved ones.

There’s much to take away from the current film, as with actor Tom Holland’s previous celluloid jaunts as Spider-Man.

So, in conjunction with the actor’s third solo film excursion, here are some of the things we’ve learnt from Holland’s webhead that can be put into practice by managers, direct sellers, entrepreneurs, and business owners alike.

Fight the good fight, despite the odds

Unlike some of his more illustrious superhero peers, Peter Parker doesn’t have wealth, influence, or even much of a job.

In fact, he’s more of a boy than a man!

But none of that — not even his mentor dying on a previous mission — stops our guy from striving, often against the odds, to right the wrongs around him. 

Like Spider-Man, being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean having it all, and it doesn’t mean giving in when the going gets tough either.

You may sometimes find yourself seriously disadvantaged, facing unforeseen challenges or needing to compensate for personal and organisational weaknesses. 

Nevertheless, it’s necessary to always keep your dreams in focus, and never stop fighting for your goals.

Own your mistakes

In business, as in life, big decisions occasionally lead to big mistakes. Yet, the remedy to missteps is not to avoid messing up altogether but rather to own them when they occur.

Note that being accountable for errors doesn’t mean beating oneself up over them.

However, it does mean taking responsibility and resolving to do better.

Owning his mistakes took Spidey from a bumbling noob in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming to later becoming an Avenger and the full-fledged hero he now is.

And for business persons, seeking to correct missteps might well lead to increased customer trust

Always look on the bright side of life

Just as important as owning one’s mistakes and staying focused is adopting a positive demeanour.

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Indeed, the web-slinger’s ability to remain upbeat even when facing intimidating foes like The Vulture is what separates him from many of his costumed colleagues.

No one’s recommending, of course, being flippant and firing quips when you should be focusing on customer relationships and building your network.

However, it does pay to always be positive, regardless of the situation.

That’s what your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man would do!

Forge formidable alliances

Entrepreneurs, like superheroes, can often find the road to success to be lonely, dark and paved with trials and tribulations.

Nevertheless, Spider-Man’s exploits in No Way Home show us that masked crusaders — like businesspersons — don’t need to go at it alone. 

Yes, Spidey may not have had all the Avengers to help him out this time. But he does form a formidable partnership with Doctor Strange and, of course, his always dependable best pal Ned Leeds.

Always remember that while success may be a personal pursuit for the entrepreneur, aligning oneself with the right associates can ensure that the path to your goals is that much clearer.

With great power comes great responsibility

Holland’s Spidey, like his comic-book and TV counterparts, has web-shooters and other gadgets and gizmos at his disposal. 

However, while the high-tech toys help him nail baddies, he learns pretty early in his “career” — courtesy of one Tony Stark — that its strength of character rather than tech and a suit that defines a leader and a hero. 

As entrepreneurs and managers, we’re often reliant on tools and tricks to meet the needs of our business. And when used well, they can be a boon. 

Nevertheless, like young Peter Parker, it’s also necessary to remember that all the flashy gadgets won’t sustain you if your values, ideals and people skills aren’t sound.




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