Friday, January 27, 2023

QNET and Microsoft: Partners in Digital Transformation

Through the years, QNET and Microsoft have driven significant digital transformation on QNET’s IT infrastructure for distributors and customers to get a better and safer online experience. Our Chief Information Officer Ivan Woo led the transformation, ensuring that your online security is taken care of, and your data is protected while you go about business as normal.  

What Enhanced Functions Has This QNET and Microsoft Partnership Enabled?

Part of enhancing the QNET IT Infrastructure included streamlining the solutions to common problems. QNET and Microsoft revamped the whole security system so that you will not face many of the common problems most e-commerce websites and app face. Here are the main benefits that you may have already noticed.

No Downtime

One of the many things we did during this infrastructure transformation is that we made sure that you don’t face any downtime that affects your business transactions or your online experience when you are on the QNET website, QNET Virtual Office, eStore, and this blog. Since the update, we have a more powerful user interface and backend tools, to make your online experience more stable and efficient.

Increased Online Security

Thanks to the QNET and Microsoft’s infrastructure overhaul, QNET’s IT security team can proactively assess and stop online threats. They can bring potential threats under control even before you notice and report them. Our team is now extremely confident in giving our distributors the best and most secure digital space to browse, check on your status, do a bit of shopping, and so much more.

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Curious about the details? You can now read all about this QNET and Microsoft journey and learn more about our QNET IT Infrastructure and its enhancements on the Microsoft website. Don’t forget to share with your friends and QNET family!


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