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QNET Power Couple AVP Brijesh Yadav And Yashu Tyagi on Becoming Blue Diamond Stars

Earlier this year, QNET Achievers AVP Brijesh Yadav and Yashu Tyagi achieved the ultimate Blue Diamond Star rank – a feat they have achieved as a couple. The Blue Diamond Rank is one of the highest levels of QNET Rank Advancement, an opportunity provided by QNET to reward and recognise hard work and perseverance in our distributors. AVP Brijesh Yadav and Yashu Tyagi have hit all milestones and have become an inspiration to us all. Here is their story.

AVP Brijesh Yadav and Yashu Tyagi – A QNET Success Story

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The power couple began their QNET journey with a humble dream and an aching desire to succeed. AVP Brijesh started with the goal of earning a bit of extra money on top of his work in a medical college and AVP Yashu is a doctor of Pathology. Now, they are both full-time QNET direct sellers, changing lives one direct seller at a time.

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However, the path to success wasn’t always easy. They faced a lot of rejections and roadblocks. AVP Brijesh swears by the 8 Basic Building Blocks as the perfect guide to direct selling success. AVP Yashu believes that when you put your mind to something, you can move mountains. Once she decided on making it at QNET, she put in every effort, made every commitment, kept her promises, and was dedicated to fulfilling her goals.

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Advice To Future Blue Diamond Stars

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On the path to becoming a QNET Success Story, AVP Brijesh Yadav and Yashu Tyagi said, “Being a direct seller requires a shift in your mindset. If you are willing to put in the hard work and are open to mentorship from your uplines and training sessions with QNET, you will be able to grow your business successfully. Set your priorities and make tangible goals that will help make your journey more meaningful. And above all else, help others rise up with you.”

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Join us in congratulating this amazing couple and their wonderful achievement. We wish them all the best in all of their future goals with QNET. We know they’re going to smash it!


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