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Harnessing Holistic Wellness for the New Year

A new year always holds much promise. Indeed, many entrepreneurs take the opportunity to take stock of their achievements, re-evaluate priorities and set targets for the coming twelve months.

But while goals are essential to business growth, and help define an enterprise’s purpose, what business owners shouldn’t forget is their health and well-being.

Remember, you are your business’s most important asset, and the goals you’ve set for your networks and teams can only properly be achieved if you’re fit and healthy; both physically and mentally.

With that in mind, here’s a look at five ways entrepreneurs and business owners can harness holistic health and wellness in the new year with help from Amezcua.

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1. Switch to a healthy diet… but take it slow

Have your new year’s resolutions frequently been focused on eating healthier and/or losing weight? You’re not alone. Diet goals are among many people’s top resolutions.

Yet while nixing junk food, meat and dairy are great for our bodies for better overall health, it’s recommended that you take things slow, be mindful of what you want to accomplish and set realistic targets.

This means that even as you consume more fresh fruits, veg and grains, do recognise that for change to last and have an impact, it can’t be rushed and ought to be undertaken gradually and progressively.

2. Don’t forget clean, structured water

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Water is key to a healthy life.

So, on top of consuming the requisite amount of water for hydration and to aid the body’s efficient functioning, ensure that you’re drinking clean, structured water.

Water these days, even from natural sources, tends to be treated with chemicals that cause it to lose its natural healing qualities. To get the full benefit, take your clean drinking water (we recommend using HomePure Nova for this) and reharmonise it with the Amezcua Bio Disc 3; a revolutionary device that uses cutting-edge science to maximise water’s positive effects on the human body.

Simply run clean water over the disc or place your drinks on top of it, and you’re good to go.

3. Prioritise fitness

Amezcua Chi Pendant Holistic Wellness

Regular exercise brings with it a host of benefits. And yoga, that’s steeped in thousands of years of ancient Indian tradition, can be super beneficial to entrepreneurs.

Essentially, yoga pays much emphasis on meditation, breath work and flexibility. And that, modern science confirms, can lead to practitioners benefiting physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s been found that yoga helps one feel calmer and more composed.

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The best part? Time constraints need not pose a hurdle since all you need to start feeling great is a single session.

Can’t manage even that? Don’t fret. A 15-minute walk in the fresh air can do you just as much good!

4. Clock in those Zs

good nights sleep

Sleep allows the body to recharge, repair cells and muscles and improve organ function. It also helps lower stress and anxiety and improves one’s mood.

Unfortunately, not all of us get the recommended seven hours a night, so you should consider sleeping a priority.

Yes, dozing off and getting deep, restful sleep can be difficult sometimes, especially for entrepreneurs with numerous things on their plates. But that’s where exercise, eating right, and energy-harmonising aids like Amezcua Bio Light 3 can help. Amezcua Bio Light 3 is a scientifically designed ground-breaking device that seeks to address physical conditions through biophoton therapy. Combined with Bio Disc 3, it helps the human body regenerate biophotons to rebalance and strengthen your energy levels, thus promoting more well-regulated sleep.

5. Cut out the electronics and reduce screen time

It’s nigh impossible to remove electronics entirely from our lives, given how important they are for both work and daily interactions.

That being said, it’s necessary and important to minimise the impact of too much screen time and exposure to electro-smog, which can disrupt bodily functions and even trigger depression and behavioural problems.

For a start, aim to be more discerning of your use of electronic devices and, if necessary, employ tracking apps to monitor usage. Also, consider using the Amezcua Chi Pendant 4, which also helps reduce the effects of electro-smog on the body. Developed over the years, the pendant, which can be worn throughout the day and even to bed, helps balance the body’s energy and neutralise disruptive things that cause stress and affect sleep.

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Sustainability is key

Granted, maintaining resolutions can sometimes get challenging. And many people do find themselves giving up.

Yet, it’s important to remember that success is more than financial rewards and that holistic health and wellness begins with sustainable steps.


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