Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Finding Success in Helping Others

Many people consider financial freedom and flexibility the main reasons to embark on a career in entrepreneurship, and they’re among the strongest motivations.

Yet, success at QNET isn’t measured by just dollars and cents. It’s also by how we empower others. Indeed, our Founders were clear from Day 1 that financial rewards ought to be a mere stepping stone to improving lives and making lasting change.

Hence, the philosophy of RYTHM, an acronym for “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind”, has motivated and informed all that we’ve done for over two decades.

Yes, entrepreneurs constantly focus on their businesses and balance competing priorities. Yet there are numerous ways we can pay success forward and give back to those around us and the world without giving up success. Here are some ways to do just that:

1. Make the time

The first thing is to stop giving the excuse that you have “no time”.

We all have important things to do, yet the truth is that it can take little time to make a difference in someone’s life.

Can you set aside 15 minutes in your workday to consult with someone who needs a helping hand? How about 5 minutes for a quick call to check in with team members and ensure they’re getting the support they need?

Every little bit helps, and looking over your schedule to see where time can be spared will automatically make you more efficient.

Creating social impact isn’t just about eradicating social issues; it’s also about making conscious choices every day for a more significant impact in the long run. And it doesn’t need to be about eradicating a big world issue.

On the contrary, taking small steps every day can make a substantial impact in the long run. That is the conviction at the core of “Be The Impact”, the theme of RYTHM Foundation this year.

The theme reflects the Foundation’s conviction that to be in service to others means looking inward and recognising the energy we’re giving out, and recalibrating ourselves so that the impact we have on others creates the kind of change we want to see in the world.

2. Say ‘yes’ to mentorship

Mentoring is an essential component of direct selling success and has helped many QNET superstars to come into their own.

Do you recall how your uplines motivated you and helped you deal with and overcome challenges to arrive at where you’re currently at? Well, that’s precisely what you should do for those below you.

Everyone needs guidance, especially so when they’re first starting as business owners. And you can help your downlines tread the path before them by sharing your experiences.

3. Recognise your team

Every entrepreneur’s success is due to the efforts of her or his team. As such, it’s necessary to recognise individual members by listening to them more.

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Your downlines may have unique insights on customer relations and engagement that you may have yet to consider. Thus, constantly interacting with them will help everyone grow in confidence and productivity.

What’s also important is to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and efficient problem-solving, allowing team members to learn and improve.

4. Look to better lives

At QNET, empowerment extends to our customers as well.

Direct selling, of course, is about getting quality products and services into customers’ hands. But at QNET, we are focused on making complete well-being accessible to all with our life-enhancing health, wellness, and lifestyle products and services.

Thus, it should never be about making and closing quick sales but building long-standing relationships of trust. This means constantly looking to see where you can make a difference and better lives, whether by encouraging people to upskill through qLearn online courses or recommending our high-quality HomePure water and air filtration systems for their homes.

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5. Build up communities

One of the most important things about QNET’s business is our focus on lasting change, which we have been able to effect through the Foundation.

We believe that success entails investing in the communities we operate in and helping everyone. Hence, the numerous high-impact initiatives where RYTHM strives to resolve the most challenging tasks impacting its core pillars of Education, Empowerment, and the Environment.

RYTHM works to implement these viable projects across Africa, Southeast Asia, and South Asia with like-minded organisations aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which serve as a framework for the foundation to set targets and actions.

Yes, a portion of every QNET product sold already goes towards RYTHM Foundation’s projects. But what about sharing your time, with kids in need, for example?

Countless QNET entrepreneurs have given of themselves over the years, like when they joined employees to raise funds for Taarana School, a school for kids with special needs. And you can too!

Remember, no effort is too small, and even the tiniest contribution or act of kindness can snowball into something greater for the community and impact your own success.

Begin 2023 with Purpose

Learn how to make a difference in your business with Datin Sri Umayal, Associate V Partner Shipra, and QI Group’s Gavin Soon. Join the RYTHM Connect panel as they discuss ways to impact society and our lives. From eco-friendly initiatives to simple acts of kindness, discover all the ways to be the change you wish to see in the world. Tune in to the Facebook page on 15 February at 4 PM Malaysia/GMT+8 to hear from the experts and get started on your 2023 philanthropic goals.


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