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Level Up Your Entrepreneurship With Audio Content


As entrepreneurs, we are always on the go. The appetite for learning is more vital than ever post-pandemic. But not everyone has the time to indulge in text or screen-based learning. 

According to recent stats, audio content listening has grown by 30% over the last six years. It will grow at similar rates, with 59% preferring to listen to audio versions of news and blog entries. 

If the rise of podcasts and audiobooks is anything to go by, then listenable content is the way forward. Not only are they super-accessible, but they also slot perfectly into your busy schedules, so you never have to miss out on the latest. Here’s why listening to audio content is a must for entrepreneurs. 

Why do people choose audio content?

Why are more and more people listening to content instead of watching or reading? The answer is simple, especially if you’re a busy entrepreneur. Audio content helps you concentrate and consume knowledge while on the go. It’s the perfect media if you want to multitask

Unlike reading or watching, which requires much of your undivided attention, you can check off your to-do list while also listening to a QBuzz audio post, for example. Audio is also the perfect format if you struggle with reading, have vision difficulties, want to reduce screen time or even struggle to find the time of day. 

The benefits of audio content

Audio learning resources and listenable content can be an entrepreneur’s best friend. It helps with both your time management goals as well as your lifelong learning ambitions. Here are some of the main reasons why you should listen to audio content, especially as a direct seller for QNET. 

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1. Improves concentration and listening skills

In a world that bombards you with multimedia content, listening to pure audio without visual distractions will help hone your concentration. Audio content provides the opportunity to practice active listening, a key ingredient to success in businesses that require networking. 

2. Provides greater flexibility

Podcasts, audiobooks, and audio articles are perfect if you multitask daily. It is the only medium you can enjoy while commuting or doing your chores. You can have it on in the background even as you work. You have access to the world’s greatest minds and thoughts at the palm of your hands. 

3. Creates opportunities to gain knowledge

Audio content will entertain you while providing opportunities to learn and grow. Whether you’re listening to improve your business knowledge, develop a bigger vocabulary, to learn from the best of the best or if you’re just listening to have something on in the background, audio content will help you gain knowledge. 

How to ‘listen’ to your favourite QBuzz posts

QBuzz now comes with an option to listen to the latest posts if you prefer listening to reading. What’s more, we’ve also created a particular QBuzz Audio Posts page with a mini player to make it easier for you to catch up and listen whenever and wherever. You can even speed up or slow down the audio. Just hit play to listen to the whole playlist, or choose the post you want to listen to. 




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