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Plastic Not So Fantastic: 3 Ways To Crush One-And-Done Plastic


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that plastic – while being a ubiquitous and versatile material – is not exactly good for the environment. And it gets even worse when that plastic goes through the entire production and supply chain, only to be thrown away after a single, often fleeting, use.

Yet, this is the destiny of about half of all plastics produced yearly. And the problem isn’t going away once we throw it away because plastic doesn’t biodegrade.

In fact, not only is plastic non-biodegradable, but it gives off small pieces called microplastics, which animals and humans then consume; consumption of microplastics is toxic. Plus, its decaying chemicals contaminate nearby soil and waterways. At the same time, discarded plastic items – mainly plastic shopping bags and six-pack ring yokes – are responsible for the strangling, suffocation, and fatal poisoning of wildlife, particularly polluting the planet’s oceans and marine life.

Does this make you sad? Does it make you mad? Harness those feelings and change your single-use plastic habits today.

1. In The Bag

Every minute, more than one million plastic bags are used worldwide. And just 15 quick minutes later, each of those one million shopping bags has already completed its job and is simply tossed away. Within that same timeframe, another 15 million shopping bags have been given out, each destined to succumb to the same single-use fate just moments later. Can you see a cycle of waste here?

Thankfully, many shops worldwide no longer give out plastic shopping bags at the register, which is great! But whether your local market has adopted this practice or not, you can adapt your anti-plastic pollution policy. Do the planet a favour and bring your own reusable, eco-friendly shopping bag with you the next time you are out and about.

2.  One-And-Done Doesn’t Taste As Good

The ease of takeaway food and street-side dining – whether gourmet cuisine or local street food – is a staple of many cultures worldwide. Unfortunately, what seemingly go hand-in-hand with this culinary preference are plastic cutlery, plastic containers, plastic straws, plastic bags, and plastic plates… all produced with a short-lived, one-time objective in mind. And then what…? And then these single-use plastics never go away. They stick around forever.

Ensure you tell your next food delivery that you don’t need plastic utensils. Or if you’re grabbing some food to take home from a street vendor or local restaurant, bring your reusable container for takeaway and have your travel-sized utensils ready. Carrying a cutlery and straw kit made from recycled stainless steel or untreated bamboo, for example, is not only trendy (there are some very cool eco-designs available), but it helps minimise the demand for ‘one-and-done’ plastic items.

3. Fill Your Own Reusable Drink Bottle

Regarding single-use plastics, drink bottles are usually considered one of the more guilty contributors. From start to finish, the lifespan of a plastic drink bottle is minimal: We get thirsty, we buy a bottle of water, and moments later, we throw that one-time drink bottle into the closest bin we can find. Meanwhile, manufacturers of plastic drink bottles rarely intend for their bottles to be reused, which could lead to the risk of chemical leaching, surface scratches leading to bacteria growth, and incompatibility with various liquids and temperatures.

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