Is it true that someone can just invest some money in QNET and they will keep earning “passive income”?

This is not true. QNET is not an investment scheme and just like any other business opportunity, QNET business requires hard work to increase the probability of achieving success. Those who join the business must have the determination to work hard to be successful. Otherwise, they will fail in the business just like anyone else conducting any other business.

QNET has never claimed to offer a get-rich-quick scheme or guarantee success. In fact, we have a clear Earnings Disclaimer displayed on our website and in our marketing materials.

Who is responsible for resolving customer issues when there are problems, QNET or your IRs?

If any customer has a product or service-related grievance, QNET will take full responsibility for it. We have a multilingual…

How do I contact QNET?

You can reach out to our Award-winning Global Support Centre (GSC) which operates in 12 languages from 14 global hubs.

In which countries does QNET operate?

QNET maintains a network of offices and agencies across over 25 countries globally. These locations play a vital role in…

Where is the QNET headquarters located?

The QNET headquarters is in Hong Kong.

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