1. Registering Minors

QNET Distributors must be of legal age to do business in their respective countries. Do not try to register minors into your sales teams.

2. Lying About The QNET Compensation Plan

Overexaggerating the Compensation Plan or just about QNET in general is a big no. Everything you need to know about QNET is available on our official channels. When in doubt, use those for reference instead of giving wrong information, over promising or selling something that’s impossible for them to achieve.

3. Holding Prospects Against Their Free Will

QNET condemns illegal transfers or any other activities that are associated with it. When prospects join QNET, it should be of their own free will. Don’t try to force them into anything and respect their decisions even if they turn out to be different from your expectations.

4. Confiscating Personal Documents Or Phones Of Prospects

Taking away someone’s personal identification documents, especially passports and national IDs is a big no-no. Do not confiscate the personal documents or phones of prospects.

5. Forcing Prospects To Sign Up Or Purchase Products

Putting too much pressure on your prospect is one of our big QNET Red Lines you should not cross. Don’t force them to sign up to QNET or make product purchases if they are not ready or willing to do so.. Your prospects should feel empowered to do both because they want to.

6. Cheating Prospects Or Downlines

QNET takes any violations against our policies and ethics seriously. Telling prospects that QNET is an investment, a job opportunity, or a get-rich-quick scheme is untrue. This is one of the biggest QNET Red Lines. On top of not cheating your prospects or downlines through misrepresentation or any illegal means, all QNET Distributors are encouraged to attend our free trainings to ensure that they are practising and sharing professional business practices at all times. We also have the QNETPRO Online Certification programme and official marketing materials in the Learning Lab found in the QNET Mobile App.

7. Manipulating The Registration Process

QNET’s registration process is straightforward. Asking your prospects for more information or adding steps to the registration process is unprofessional and unbecoming of a QNET distributor.

8. Establishing An IR Office

One of our big QNET Red Lines is establishing unauthorised IR offices in your country. This is a violation of your country’s laws and QNET rules. QNET has stringent ground rules regarding office set ups and any violation to those rules will not be tolerated. Refer to our official list of QNET offices on our website. 

9. Abusing QNET

Our love for our QNET Family is pretty apparent. We do our very best to create the right products, the right compensation plan and the right support to get you the success you dream of. Abusing QNET includes pretending to be a QNET employee, creating and using official looking stationery without permission, and holding media briefings on our behalf. Unless you are authorised by QNET to be our spokesperson, you are not allowed to mislead people into thinking you are.

10. Bringing QNET Into Any Form Of Disrepute

Spreading false news about QNET is one of our QNET Red Lines. We follow a very high standard when it comes to business practices through Direct Selling Association (DSA) memberships and following each country’s laws. We even have a robust support centre and a proper system to address any concerns you might have about QNET or our products. People who falsely bring QNET into disrepute will automatically warrant a censure.

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