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Want to Live Longer? Drink Kenta, Okinawa Diet-Inspired Natural Formula

The island of Okinawa in Japan is known as the ‘Village of Long Life’; people there are recorded to have among the longest life expectancy in the world. Because of their healthy lifestyle and special diet, Okinawans are also noted for having significantly lower mortality rates caused by cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

So what is the secret of the ‘Village of Long Life’? The secret lies in the traditional diet of Okinawa islanders which consists of green and yellow vegetables, soy and other legumes, with sweet potato as their staple food instead of rice.

Kenta, one of QNET’s newest Health & Wellness products under the LifeQode brand, is a delicious natural-formula beverage inspired by the Okinawa Diet, famed for being extremely nutritious and bringing longevity.

How does Kenta work?

Kenta helps stimulate the body to secrete human growth hormone (HGH) naturally to generate new cells. Its all-natural formula modulates hormones and supplies vital nutrients to the body to increase cell production.


  1. Enhances wellness – Kenta improves your mood, memory, and helps you sleep better. It also aids in weight management, helps lower your blood sugar and blood pressure, and improves concentration.
  2. Improves skin health – Are you ready for beautiful, smooth skin? Kenta helps alleviate visible signs of ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It improves skin and effectively balances skin tone. Furthermore, it supports healthier hair and nails.
  3. Increases strength – Enjoy better vitality, better stamina, increased flexibility, and quicker muscle recovery.

What makes Kenta unique?

Kenta is proudly vegan. Its formula contains no animal derivatives and no animal testing has been done for this product. It is also all-natural, with no artificial flavours and colouring, and no preservatives or GMO ingredients added.

Who should use this product? 

  • Male and Female
  • 25 years +

Kenta Sachet

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  1. Mix Kenta in 120 ml water at room temperature.
  2. Stir well and consume immediately.
  3. Drink one hour before every meal on an empty stomach.

On the first month of usage, consume one sachet before breakfast and one sachet before dinner for five consecutive days, followed by two rest days.

After the first month, regular usage is one sachet a day for five days, followed by a two-day rest.

Why do I need to give myself two days rest period when consuming Kenta?

Kenta helps stimulate the body to produce human growth hormone (HGH) naturally for the first 5 days and allows the body to do so on its own for the next 2 days. It is important to not over-stimulate the body continuously otherwise the body’s natural production rate of human growth hormone (HGH) may slow down.*

* Derived from a pilot study evaluating the role of Okinawa Food Beverage Powder (OFBP) in management of ageing-related degenerative symptoms by Dr Alfred Libby MD – Medical Advisor 25 July 2007.


Not recommended for mixing with fruit juices, milk, or any sweetened drinks.

Refrain from consuming Kenta if you have known allergic history to soy proteins, rice and/or sweet potato. Consult your physician before consuming Kenta if you are or think you may be pregnant, lactating or on any prescribed medications.

Know more about Kenta by logging into your Virtual Office and downloading the sales sheet from the Business Tools section. Find it under the Health & Wellness category of your eStore!

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