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How Much Water Do You Need A Day?


Everyone makes the mistake of assuming that hydration is a summer requirement. Once the weather gets more pleasant, we’re back to sipping water like it’s a luxury, not the necessity that it is. When they say that our bodies are 75% water, it also means that for every part of our body to thrive, it needs adequate hydration.

Here’s a little known fact – an average adult loses about 2.5 litres of water daily just through breathing, sweating and elimination. If you don’t replace the lost water, your body starts to suffer. This is what losing just 5% of water does to you:

  • In children – dehydration, and lethargy.
  • In adults – fatigue, and discomfort.
  • In seniors – change in blood chemistry, and disorientation.

Continuous water loss over time speeds up your ageing process and increases the risks of diseases. Educate yourselves about the risks of dehydration by reading about The Importance Of Cellular Hydration.

Remember that thirst is not an accurate predictor of whether you are properly hydrated. You don’t feel as thirsty in colder weather but your body still needs its restorative power. So how much water do you need a day?

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Next time you wait to be thirsty to take a sip, remember, your body needs your diligence. Drink up!

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