Sunday, May 28, 2023

QNET DEFY Put to The Test: The 30 Day Skincare Trial


One month into the QNET DEFY Skincare Trial, and we are sitting down with Praakash and Rita about their DEFY experience. Rita, longtime girlfriend, skincare expert and manager of Prakaash’s complexion, gave her feedback on DEFY Dirt Fighter and DEFY Youth Tonic. Did DEFY pass Rita’s scrutiny?

Prakaash has now completed the trial. Are you happy with the results?
R: Yes I am (and so is he)! I can definitely see an improvement in his skin. There are less breakouts overall, and the redness in his skin has reduced a lot. I was a bit unsure after the first few days as I wasn’t seeing any changes, but after that the improvements were very obvious!

Did he stick to a daily routine?

R: He really did. Once he saw the big difference that just two products made, it motivated him to be consistent with his morning and night routine. He even used the DEFY Dirt Fighter as a shaving cream, and it gave him a smooth shave without having to buy any other extra products.


What effect has DEFY had on his skin? 

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R: The main difference is the reduced number of breakouts. He had oily skin, leading to acne problems. After DEFY, his acne is more or less under control, and less shiny because of all that oil. And his skin is more hydrated than before!

Does it seem that his attitude to skincare has changed in general?

R: DEFY has changed his perception of skincare routines completely.  He told me that once he started seeing results, adding DEFY to his daily routine was easy.


Would you or Prakaash recommend DEFY to men who are reluctant to carry out a daily skincare routine?
R: Yes we both would! And when are you making a women’s version? I want a set!

If you want shine-free skin with an even skin tone, get the DEFY Dirt Fighter that is a cleanser, mild exfoliant and shaving foam all in one handy bottle. Use the DEFY Dirt Fighter and DEFY Youth Tonic twice a day and see the results! Available in your eStore now.

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