Saturday, March 25, 2023

Successful Mom Entrepreneur Cynthia Nilam Swears By Chi Pendant 3 and EDG3

Cynthia Nilam lives an action-packed life balancing her multiple roles as a mom to Annabelle, wife to Dr Ferry Ruskim and a successful entrepreneur in her business as QNET Independent Representative. She’s also the co-founder of A-Team International, a blooming community of QNET Independent Representatives in Indonesia. You can imagine how challenging it is to keep her life well balanced, while each role demands hard work, dedication and commitment. She does it very well, excels in each role and is an inspiration and role model to many. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to stay fit and always look impossibly fresh and beautiful at all times. How does it do it? Let’s find out. She shares her health and beauty secrets in an interview below:

What are the biggest challenges in managing such a busy schedule? 

I have always been conscious of the way I look, be it my outfits or my overall appearance. I always want to look my best no matter what. But after all the hard work you do, being a full-time networker definitely takes a toll on you, mentally and physically. There’s inevitable fatigue and it sometimes shows on your skin. The amount of hardships can be tiring, and reaching that next goal requires a lot of effort and energy.

How do you manage to look so fresh and gorgeous despite your busy schedule?

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My secret has always been the Chi Pendant, now Chi Pendant 3, and EDG3. This super duo has been caring for me every single day. Thanks to them, I am always ready to go 100 percent. I feel energetic when wearing the Chi Pendant, and it keeps me mentally focussed. I work sharper and feel more energetic – even more than the younger me. Stress leaves its marks and people who are stressed age faster. Well, not me. After consuming EDG3 daily, my skin feels more firm and looks as if it’s glowing from within. It also allows me to recover faster from long and hard days of work. It’s as if I found my fountain of youth with LifeQode EDG3 and the Amezcua Chi Pendant.

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