Want to wake up to great mornings? Quespresso has you covered — from a classic shot of espresso to a mug of hazelnut coffee, a cup of Rooibos tea or even a glass of hot milk. This coffee capsule machine prepares you a drink using the finest of non-GMO coffee in less than one minute. That’s a great-tasting gourmet drink with a touch of a button!

Quespresso gives you that warm and feel-good vibe that a cafe boasts, without you having to leave the comforts of your home. But what makes this product so great?

Here are more reasons:

Fully Made in Italy

Quespresso coffee is roasted and ground according to Italian tradition. That’s why using it feels like having your very own personal Italian barista. Aside from the classic Espresso and Lungo, there are also other coffee capsule flavours available: Hazelnut Coffee, Chocolate Coffee, and Vanilla Coffee.

This coffee machine also comes with an automatic milk frother that lets you make a cup of cappuccino or latte from one single unit.

Diverse and High-quality

Drinks go beyond coffee variety with Quespresso. Available in the market is the Roobois tea capsule for times when your tastebuds need a taste change. The machine also comes with a tea compartment that allows you to brew a cup of tea using your own favourite tea bag

It assures you a perfect cup of gourmet coffee or tea each and every time. With its patented infusion system, the exact balance between water temperature, speed, pressure and quantity is always managed.

Simple, Easy and Fast

Its lightweight and slim design allows your Quespresso to fit in tight places. It also has graphics clearly displayed on the panel, making your machine easier to operate.

With its 1100-watt coffee exchange, water is heated up in a matter of seconds, so you can have your cup of gourmet coffee almost instantly!


Store your capsules in the space-saving rotating capsule holder and you’re all set. Watch as beautiful mornings — and days and evenings — unfold with Quespresso!