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5 Water Benefits from Drinking a Gallon Every Day

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You’ll be amazed by the water benefits from drinking a gallon every day. Those who have taken on the challenge have seen significant changes to their health, weight, and body. No wonder, too, as hydration keeps the body fully functional. Water is what protects organs such as joints, the spinal cord, and eyes. They can do even more for overall health.

Those who have made a-gallon-a-day a habit notice the following water benefits:

1) Full Hydration

Water is regularly released from the body, usually through sweat and toilet habits. When one lacks water to the point of dehydration, the body will be unable to naturally cleanse. This leads to more serious health hazards. Additionally, if you have an active lifestyle or live in a warm or tropical climate, doctors highly recommend drinking more than 6-8 glasses of water.

2) Improved complexion.

Those who drink a gallon of water have noticed a remarkable difference in their skin. Their skin becomes smoother and has a healthier glow. Minor wrinkles seemingly disappear. This comes from water being a natural cleanser that removes toxins. It also keeps the skin firm, making one look younger for longer.

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3) More energetic.

One water benefit is that it also improves brain function, agility, and reflexes. Those who stay hydrated have reported feeling less sluggish, while the joints feel less stiff and painful. As hydration improves bodily function, it also has a positive effect on the immune system. Those who stay hydrated report having fewer headaches and faster recovery time from sickness.

4) Better Digestion

A key part of body function is in digestion. Food that you eat is broken down into energy faster, and as water improves body processes that includes the digestive system. Those who drink more water find that they are less constipated, and experience less digestive problems. It has also been found to help curb cravings.

5) Weight Loss

Fun fact: craving sugar may be a symptom of dehydration. When one gets enough water in their body, the cravings subside. With less unnecessary snacking, the body starts looking to eat when and as needed. More than a fad diet, this ensures overall health and wellness that keeps you feeling and looking good.

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