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Top Five Holiday Destinations in 2019

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Thinking of your next holiday destination? Say no more, for we at QVI have prepared a list of ideal beach spots for your upcoming exotic getaway. Bearing in mind the top searched cities in our travel portal Tripsavr, we’ve selected a handful of exciting places which are must-visits for you and your travel companions – whether returning or experiencing for the first time!

Here are our top five picks for holiday destinations in 2019:

Goa, India
A paradise on the western coast of India, travellers who come to Goa are almost guaranteed a different experience with every visit. Prepare for a feast of the senses as the Goa Carnival kicks off in March of every year, during which the streets of multiple cities bloom with vibrant colours, music and dance. Though the state is most known for its beaches and nightlife, there are plenty of cultural activities to partake in for those looking to get to know its heritage. With a selection of hotels at prime locations including the Nanu Resorts and Keys Hotel Ronil, book your trip to Goa with QVI for leisure at its finest.

Antalya, Turkey
The Pearl of the Mediterranean. From its pristine beaches to a cliff-side café to its Greco-Roman ruins, Antalya’s classical charm is preserved with style. Marvel at the city’s ancient stadium and theatre, spend a day relaxing at the beach, enjoy spectacular ocean views while sipping a cup of Turkish coffee or partake in an exhilarating rafting adventure – the exploration opportunities keep on coming. For those seeking a modern ambiance, a multitude of international festivals take place throughout the year. Here, QVI Club members are always welcome in the cosy Dogan Hotel, located right in the middle of the historic district of Kaleici with easy access to the beach and Antalya city centre!

Hurghada, Egypt
Stay at a beachside resort, go on a quad-bike excursion to a Bedouin village, sip cocktails and go snorkelling or diving in the Red Sea. A perfect quiet getaway for couples and families alike, Hurghada offers peaceful seclusion and at the same time easy access to other destinations in Egypt. Just a half hour’s drive away is Sandbox, an electronic music festival taking place annually at the coastal resort of El Gouna. For your relaxing stay, on offer is the Stella Di Mare Beach Resort & Spa in Makadi Bay. While in Egypt, why not pair your visit with a stop at another coastal city? Cross the Red Sea with a high-speed ferry boat and arrive at your next destination, Sharm el Sheikh.

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Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
The Pearl of the Red Sea and a diver’s paradise, the coral reefs of Sharm el Sheikh are nothing short of magnificent. Furthermore, on offer are invigorating desert excursions to the nearby Sinai Pensinsula. Go on a Jeep Safari go across the desert to arrive at the spectacular Coloured Canyon. Hike up Mt. Sinai to witness an unforgettable sunrise and stop at a monastery on the way back. Your hotel options include the Stella Di Mare Beach Resort & Spa in Naama Bay and Dreams Beach Sharm el Sheikh.

Phuket, Thailand
With its vivid green karst islets and rich cultural heritage, it’s no surprise why Phuket is one of Thailand’s most popular island destinations. Whether lounging by the beach or embarking on a kayaking adventure, visitors will surely be satisfied. A wide array of vegan-friendly restaurants is available throughout the island, and for those looking to partake in the liveliest time of the year, the Phuket Songkran Festival will be quite the memorable experience! On offer for your stay here are hotels with spectacular ocean views, the Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa and Absolute Nakalay Boutique Hotel.

Looking forward to travel yet? All the above is just a glimpse into the holiday destinations we offer worldwide. Book a trip with QVI for your next unforgettable vacation!

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