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5 Characteristics of Successful QNET Women Entrepreneurs – Join Us If You Dare to Believe

Today, celebrating International Women’s Day, we found it fitting to talk about one of our most glorious privileges as a direct selling company in 2019- empowering women through direct selling.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that over 70% entrepreneurs in direct selling are women. Seventy percent. That’s an incredible number!

Direct selling is no doubt an appealing career option for the young and restless today- who doesn’t want a chance to work their own hours and the opportunity to create something that is your own?

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But there’s something else we see in our female networkers who have found their success in the industry, and today we’re going to spill their secrets, so young women looking at direct selling as their career of choice today, know what it takes to make success theirs.

So read up, and read well boys and girls, because nothing about direct selling is easy, and our women entrepreneurs know all about it.

  1. They beat the odds

It doesn’t matter if the world tells them they can’t do it. Once they believe in something, they stop at nothing. They will go fearlessly towards their goals and they will prove them wrong.

  1. They are limitless

Limits? What limits? Our ladies eat limits for breakfast. At QNET, there are really no limits to what can be achieved, and the fierce women in network marketing don’t let the world set any limits for them. From building better lives, to living their best lives- they do it all.

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  1. They balance things like nobody’s business

Flexibility and all, being an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park. It takes rock-solid determination, a heart of titanium, unshaken persistence, as well as empathy, compassion and the soft human touch. Our ladies, just like many of you, have to maintain the delicate balance between building the business, taking care of the family, the partner, the household, the pets, the parents, the relatives, themselves, and a myriad of other things. It’s beyond science; it’s an art.

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Thank goodness for the flexibility of direct selling and our QNET mobile app, our ladies can run their business, schedule meetings, attend trainings, conduct presentations, lead their team, monitor their business progress, and manage their earnings anytime, anywhere.

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  1. They lift each other higher

In direct selling, you can’t succeed alone. You need your leader and you need your squad. You work so closely together, you don’t just gain business partners, but you often end up with new sisters, a new family, and helping each other up is the only way to go.

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Friends don’t let friends go crazy alone.

Friends who succeed together, stay together.

  1. They are not afraid to be who they are

Graceful? Maybe. Dreamer? Always.

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Can you relate?

Women in network marketing are beyond anything the world expects them to be, whether outgoing or soft-spoken, they are never afraid to speak their minds. They know what they want, and they are going to get it.

We are proud to be a platform of limitless possibilities for women from across the globe. If you dare to believe, you can find your success with QNET!

Do you dare to believe?

QNET ladies, let your voice be heard.
Share your story and inspire the world.

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