Friday, December 2, 2022

QNETPRO: Quick Dos and Don’ts You Need to Know

What is QNETPRO?

The question is, rather, who is QNETPRO? And, more to the point, is it you?

QNETPRO is an initiative. An initiative to foster professional business practices as a direct seller. To build a successful business that lasts, you need to maintain your reputation as a professional direct seller who can be trusted. It is our job to empower you with information, knowledge and skills to build your business the right way.

Take a minute to do a quick self-assessment with our Dos and Don’ts flyer – a brief, straightforward guide designed to help you, our distributors, build successful direct selling businesses with QNET. Highlighting important Policies & Procedure clauses in easy-to-understand, bite-sized statements, the downloadable flyer is available in the link below or here:

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If you’re new to QNET, these guidelines are perfect to start you off as a professional direct seller. If you’re already a QNET distributor, have a read to keep yourself in check! As an upline, it is your duty to guide your downlines through their initial stages in the business, and to ensure that your organisation consistently maintains professional practices.


  1. You can share the link with your team and keep it as a quick go-to when it comes to evaluating your business performance.
  2. For meetings with prospects, have it ready as part of your presentación, presentación, presentación!
  3. For events, download, print out, and distribute these flyers! You’ll be promoting not only the direct selling business, but your own reputation as a professional as well.

Good or bad direct selling practices affects you, your business and the whole direct selling industry. Stand for what is right and fair for all. Help us turn this initiative into a movement – empower yourself and be a QNETPRO

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