Before we begin…

Drop everything.

Tell your mom you love her!

In person, over a call, or even whatsapp… use anything in your arsenal.

Done? Good!

Now let’s get real. It is undeniable that the direct selling industry is one of equal opportunity for all, it’s no wonder that this industry holds the honour of having 73.3% women work in it!

There are certainly lots of fun ideas on activities you can take up with your mom, and an endless list of suggestions of something unique you can get for her. But once you get the flowers, chocolates, gifts, cakes and dinner sorted, let’s do something different!

Wouldn’t it be nice, if this Mother’s Day you went beyond the everyday clichés, and gave your mother something so much more than anything she could expect? (We’d also recommend letting her take that adorable selfies with you for all her friends on Facebook!)

But how about this Mother’s Day, you take the time to empower her.

  1. Get her a hamper of products to try

Get her to try these gorgeous products, and if she loves them, tell her that she can make an extra income selling them, if she’s up for it.

❤️ Words are never enough to thank her, so this Mother’s Day, do something special for her ❤️ >> #Doit4mom

Posted by QNET on Friday, May 10, 2019


  1. Get her a QNET IRship

You know your mom best. She might be a busy mom; she might even have some time on her hands. Let her decide if she would consider being a momtrepreneur.

If she’s up for it, get her a QNET Independent Representative account. Of course, please get this as a gift and pay for her annual enrolment fee.

  1. Empower her with entrepreneurship & direct selling skills

Once she’s in, get her set up for the business, introduce her to the leaders, take her to the meetings and trainings, guide her through the business – be a good referrer to your mom.

There is an abundance of materials for the business and materials. Guide her through her Virtual Office and let her explore. We offer free webinars as well. They will be fun for her to attend too. You can view the schedule here.

  1. Hook her up to the QNET Mobile app

This will be her new candy crush. She can run her business on the app, check the progress of her business, rank advancement dashboard, use tons of materials, and get the latest updates, offers and promos too!

4 Reasons You Should Use the New QNET Mobile App

Empower her with as much knowledge and skills as possible and who knows – she might be one of your strongest downlines!

Well go ahead, use this opportunity to give mommy another big hug and spoil her already.

Speaking of promos – Club 4 BONANZA is on, it’d be great to make the most of it and get on board while the promo is on. Because.. more bonuses!

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