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Direct Selling: Is It A Good Small Business Option?

If you can talk to people about a product, you can get into direct selling. Can you remember the last few products you loved and gushed about to friends and loved ones? Passion, enthusiasm, and openness to meeting to new people are key to being successful in direct selling and any kind of business.

Despite what some people may say, not all direct selling products require a quota or a lot of start-up capital . There are many direct selling companies that do good business knowing that it’s not just about profit margins, but good relationships between seller and client.

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But to do well in direct sales, you must find one that’s compatible with your personality, schedule, and needs.

4 things to think about before getting into direct selling:

  1. What products do I use and enjoy?
  2. How much time can I commit to direct selling?
  3. Do I have the tools and support I need to do it?
  4. Do I have financial limits to start my entrepreneurial journey?

Based on your answers you can narrow down what kind of products you can sell, and how you can start.

But like every business, there are birthing pains and there are risks. When you’ve decided on which company you can work with, make sure that it’s reliable. Some standard best practices: the older the company is, the better; check to see that it has the necessary local business permits, and that you read all of their terms and conditions. Tip: Watch out for hidden incurred costs and make sure you understand the policies and procedures and their compensation plan.

The best direct sellers keep it real.

Here are more expert tips to make the most out of it:

  • Be Authentic – Clients can tell when you believe in the product. More than selling the product, aim to make and keep relationships.
  • Set Your Own Expectations – Is this a side-job? Are you looking for passive income, or can you do this full-time? Set your expectations and see if a company’s requirements are compatible with it.
  • Manage Your Time and Energy – Profit and success with direct selling companies are directly proportional to one’s time and effort with it.

Remember, “You are the maker of your own fortune.”

And it might not have to be monetary. One’s fortune can be found in the experience and people one meets on the job. Work hard, make friends, and learn along the way.


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