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QNET CEO Rocks Retail Innovation and eCommerce Summit 2019 in Hong Kong

QNET CEO Rocks Retail Innovation and eCommerce Summit  in Hong Kong

Our CEO Malou Caluza was one of the keynote speakers at the 4th Retail and eCommerce Summit in Hong Kong, where she shared QNET’s experience with the tech-savvy youth who disrupt the way we do things online. Malou spoke alongside an impressive lineup of speakers from big players in the retail and eCommerce industry such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Verizon, Estee Leader, Verizon, and Shiseido.

The event covered hot topics such as the future of retail and how to converge the offline and online aspects of business, understanding the consumer-centred metric of success or Return on Experience (ROX), and investing in digital commerce search for future challenges.

In her session, Malou addressed the human side of technology. She spoke about the tremendous efforts that QNET has invested in understanding the mindset of our millennial distributors, customers, and corporate staff. She shared our findings regarding the characteristics of millennials – what makes them different, how they think, what their preferences are – and how we as a company are engaging with them and adapting our strategies and actions to fit their unique needs.

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After her session, attendees approached Malou to discuss her presentation further and express how they would love to learn more about how we leverage our insights to create business value and effectively resonate with our millennial stakeholders.

It was an honour for QNET to be a part of such a great panel of retail and e-Commerce industry leaders. We took home so many learnings, which we could implement to create a better experience for you, our QNET family.


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