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The Best Netflix Documentaries To Inspire Your Inner Direct Seller


What if we told you that there’s a way to Netflix and chill AND learn something that can help inspire you on your direct selling journey? Not only that, you don’t have to spend hours figuring out what you need to watch. Here is a handy list of the best Netflix documentaries to help inspire you and stop you from feeling guilty about binge-watching.

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

Everyone knows what an inspirational talker Tony Robbins is. This documentary is a look into his life back-stage. With a sneak peek at one of his “Date with Destiny” camps, you get to see why so many people credit with having drastically changed their lives for the better. You get to see his team, the work that goes into giving hundreds of people a life-changing experience in just 6 days.

Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé

We all know her as the Queen, but Homecoming is an inside look into her humanity, her struggles, her dedication to her craft and her never-give-up attitude when it comes to goals she sets for herself. This documentary follows her unforgettable Coachella performance that lasted 2 hours in real life but took months and months to put together. It shows Beyoncé’s will-power and her incredible ability to bring people up with her as she rises to success after success. As direct sellers, there’s so much we can learn from this documentary that has been labelled one of the best – including lessons on leadership, sacrifice, teamwork and so much more.


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One of our personal favourites, this documentary will take you on a journey from the slums of Kolkata to the swamps of Louisiana. With powerful interviews of the world’s healthiest people in Okinawa, a 60-year-old Brazilian surfer, and even leading scientists, we explore the secrets behind our most sought after emotion – Happiness! The combination of real-life stories and scientific facts inspires you to question your own priorities and helps re-energise your direct selling passion.

Knock Down The House

Following the journey of four regular women in America who have the ambition to run for Congress in the United States midterm elections, Knock Down The House is easily one of the best Netflix documentaries out there, and definitely a must-watch. What’s most impressive about this documentary is how regular people with no background in politics got tired of the state of things and decided to take matters into their own hands. It shows their struggles, the opposition they face, their low points, and how they rise above it all and currently sit as politicians in the US Congress.

The next time you find yourself stuck at home, trying to figure out what to watch, add this to your list and pretend its research for your direct selling journey. Are there any documentaries on Netflix that you have watched and been inspired by? Do you have any favourites? Let us know in the comments.


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