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5 Ways Your Body Changes With Age And What You Can Do About It

How Your Body Changes (1)

Ageing is inevitable. Here is a list of how your body changes with age and a simple solution to your ageing woes.

1. Your body absorbs fewer nutrients.

Nutrition deficiencies increase as we age. This means the normal diet we have gotten used to might no longer suffice in providing us with the daily nutrients our body needs.

2. The heart loses some of its vitality.

Your heart has to work harder to circulate blood throughout the body. Blood vessels tend to narrow down and harden because of fatty build-ups known as plaque. 

3. Your bones become brittle.

As your body’s ability to absorb other nutrients weakens, so does its ability to absorb calcium. This causes your bones to become more prone to fractures and other damage.

4. Organs expel waste at a slower pace.

Your kidneys and bladder are no longer as efficient in removing waste from the bloodstream, your liver becomes overburdened and sluggish, and your colon grows weak. This leads to frequent constipation and toxin build-up, contributing to chronic conditions such as arthritis, poor cognitive functions, blemished skin, and even cancer.

5. Skin, nails, and hair become dry and brittle.

Also partially due to the slow nutrient intake, the body has more trouble producing collagen, which is typically found in all connective tissues, thus contributing to dull and wrinkly skin strongly associated with ageing.

What can be done about ageing?

You may think that all of this is inevitable and completely natural, but did you know that in Okinawa, Japan, residents rarely have to worry about these problems? Not only are Okinawans famous for having the longest life span in the world, but they also have the lowest rate of mortality due to cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the incidence of hip fractures and other known ailments common to people of old age.

The secret lies in their diet. Okinawan people eat all-natural, mostly fermented food, which is immensely rich in nutrients – unlike the processed food to which most of us have grown accustomed. Their preference for vegetables, soy and other legumes, and sweet potatoes is not only good in that these retain the number of vitamins and minerals the body needs to stay healthy and strong. Fermented food is also a great source of good bacteria (probiotics) for a healthy digestive system. The fermentation process further breaks down the nutrients into a more easily digestible form, which makes it easier for the body to absorb them.

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This natural formula helps address the changes your body goes through as you age.

The Okinawa diet is made more accessible through Kenta, a natural supplement formulated to promote longevity and healthy ageing.

Kenta is a delicious supplement inspired by the traditional Okinawan diet. This all-natural food formula helps modulate hormones and supply vital nutrients to the body to increase its cell production. By doing so, Kenta addresses the changes our body goes through as we age, by strengthening our organs and lowering our chances of developing various age-related ailments.

The Key Benefits Of Kenta

  • Enhances wellness
  • Firms and tones skin to look plumper and more youthful
  • Promotes better mood and memory
  • Increases strength
  • Improves hair growth for thicker and more lustrous hair

Enjoy longevity and youth in a drink with Kenta. Visit your eStore today.


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With Kenta, Age Is Just A Number



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