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QNET Terminates 409 IRs Globally for Violations and Professional Misconduct


At QNET, we take pride in giving people the opportunity to take charge of their lives, be it through our world-class life-enhancing products, or our proven business opportunity. Since 1998, QNET has built a global community of customers and distributors spread across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe and we have helped develop micro-entrepreneurs in some of the most promising economies.

This has been made possible by thousands of loyal, hardworking, and dedicated independent representatives who are beacons of professionalism, responsibility, and ethics upholding the values that QNET identifies with. However, there have also been small pockets of IRs in various countries whose conduct has been a serious cause of concern to QNET. Their actions, in violation of our policies, have had serious consequences resulting in grave damage to QNET’s reputation. These bad practices by a small group of people have eroded the brand equity built by the company over the last 22 years.

Today, QNET has terminated 409 IRs from 22 countries found in violation of our policies and for various types of misconduct that go against our code of ethics.

The list of IR IDs can be viewed here. The public and our network are warned not to use any of these IDs as referrals to purchase our products or sign up as independent representatives.

We remind everyone that QNET has a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone found to be using the QNET name to promote any form of illegal, misleading or unprofessional act. This type of unacceptable behaviour impacts the livelihood of thousands of IRs who have built a legitimate direct sales business by putting in years of hard work and have done so by abiding by the regulations of the company and the laws in their country.

These terminations represent the first in a series of initiatives introduced by QNET and the V, to address the most pressing challenges faced by the company and the IRs on the ground in our top markets that have a direct impact on the reputation of the company, and subsequently on business growth. In the coming weeks, more changes will be announced as we continue to enforce our policies and procedures across markets.

Click to know more: QNET Policies and Procedures | QNET Code of Ethics/Conduct.

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Please check our FAQs to learn more about the terminations. Download your own copy here.

Please watch this message by Chief Pathman about these initiatives and the changes to come.

Let us work together to build a thriving and sustainable business for all!


All Your Questions About The QNET IR Terminations Answered


  1. Dear Qnet, Many people are cheating innocent people in the name of QNET if possible please guide us people that how to get them punished , what are the documents they submit to prove them something like and please publish their photos also while terminating.

  2. Any new prospect will know a QNET person by name or face, definitely not by the IR number, and besides in India, QNET IRs dont wear their badges/IDs and they hide the fact that they are working for QNET/QI group.
    In such an event, how can one know whether to deal with anyone or not?
    Would it not be a better way for QNET to publish the photo, Name and IR number of the black listed/terminated person?
    That is if QNET wants to really be ethical and seen to be ethical and transparent to the whole world.

    • Thank you for your comment, Sachin. This is good feedback. We’ll pass it back to management.


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