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Top Tips For Entrepreneurs From Successful QNET Direct Sellers

Top Quotes From QNET

What better way to get tips for entrepreneurs than to listen to the advice of successful direct sellers? In this article, we have compiled the most quotable quotes from successful QNET Direct Sellers who give us tips for entrepreneurs, especially IRs in the direct selling industry. Their quotes are also jam-packed with lessons about hard work, commitment, loyalty, and overcoming roadblocks.

Here are the quotes to live by from your favourite QNET family members.

  1. “Once you find your big dreams, you will find yourself. Once that happens, you will find that you can reach out to 15 or 20 prospects a day” – Associate V Partner Dr Hossam Ibraheem
  1. “The moment that I cannot forget in network marketing is seeing my Downlines reach Max Out” – V Council Member Mohammad Kakri
  1. “This my life. I’m going to take charge and build our business” – V Partner Sathi Senathirajah
  1. “Make the decision to give 100%” – Chief Pathman Senathirajah
  1. “When you know what you want to achieve, you’ll learn how to improve yourself to become successful.” – Associate V Partner Dauren Issabayev
  1. “Always be honest and truthful. Genuine relationship is the key to having a strong team.” – Associate V Partner Manoj Narayanan
  1. “If you do things out of pressure, you’ll never be able to perform with your best. You need to enjoy the whole process of reaching success before you can achieve it.” – Associate V Partner Sharfun Shaikh
  1. “Every goal can lead you to Max Out, but the question is whether you are ready to Max Out or not” – V Partner Sachin Gupta
  1. “This is your journey. This is for your future and the people believing in you. It’s an opportunity to succeed” – V Partner Mohannad Qais.
  1. “Pay attention to the way you’re talking. Provide accurate information, and make it simple.” – Associate V Partner Ibrahim Ryweck
  1. “Duplication is the key to our business. If you want your team to do presentacións, you should do presentació” – Associate V Partner Marwan Talodi.
  1. “Success depends on how you fulfil our vision to change lives. It gives us a new direction to change our lives.” – V Council Member Dinesh Mathottathil
  1. “Change is not going to happen just by thinking about it. You need to act on it” – V Partner David Sharma

Which of these tips for entrepreneurs is your favourite? What advice do you follow daily? Let us know in the comments.

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Chief Says Consistency Is The Key To Success In Direct Selling


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    • La duplication est la clé de notre activité. Si vous voulez que votre équipe fasse des presentacións, vous devriez faire presentació ”- Associate V Partner Marwan Talodi.
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