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Chief Talks About The Importance Of Duplication In Direct Selling

Duplication In Direct Selling Chief Pathman Senathirajah

Duplication in direct selling is the key to success in the industry, said Chief in this Insta Live session. In case you missed it, Chief Pathman Senathirajah’s Official Instagram account has been a beacon of inspiration during these difficult times through his messages, pictures and especially through his Insta Live sessions. In this session, Chief talks about duplication, and why it’s important to duplicate yourself in your downlines, especially if you want to be successful in direct selling.

What Is Duplication In Direct Selling?

The eight step in Chief’s Eight Basic Building Blocks is “duplicate.” Duplication is a transfer of knowledge. Your goal is to duplicate your values your work ethic and your business sense into your downlines so that they become independent. When someone looks at your team, what they see is identical passionate, resolute direct sellers who will strive for success no matter the roadblocks. Effective duplication is a key component in financial freedom, that if you really want financial freedom, you have to duplicate yourself effectively.

What Do You Need For Effective Duplication In Direct Selling?

1) Use Technology Effectively

The first part of duplication is duplicating information, duplicating knowledge. However, don’t overload the duplication of knowledge to the point where that person is overwhelmed. Give your downlines enough information so they can max out. Have a list of must watch videos, essential reading, and have a video call to get on the same page with your team. Use the technology you have to conduct training sessions and connect with people all over the world.

2) Nurture The Right Attitude

Model good behaviour for your downlines so that they pick up the right leadership skills, and a never-give-up attitude. Encourage positive thinking and impress upon everyone the importance of hard-work. Nurture qualities of entrepreneurship and warriorship. When your attitude inspires winning, your downlines will duplicate it as well.

3) Have Heart

The core of QNET is our passion to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind or RYTHM. We are also don’t work like other companies, every member of QNET is part of our family. And that is the difference between us and other opportunities out there – we have heart. Build a team to whom having heart is important. Make sure you fight for each other’s dreams, and be there for each other even during the tough times. Duplicate it into part of your DNA.

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Learning these valuable direct selling lessons on Instagram Live has been a real god-send. Join us in thanking Chief for teaching us about the importance of duplication in direct selling. In the words of Chief Pathman, “The best way to add another layer to your duplication, duplicate not only what you say and what you do, but also how you live and who you are.”

You can  watch the full Insta Live Session #13 on Instagram here:


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