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Everything You Need To Know About Exercise And Air Quality

Exercise And Indoor Air Quality (1)

Exercise and air quality go hand in hand when it comes to your physical health. When you work out, you tend to breathe in more often and therefore take in more oxygen than when you are chilling out. With more and more people working out indoors thanks to Covid-19, it is very important to regulate your indoor air quality.

Why Should I Care About Exercise And Air Quality?

Whether you’re exercising at home or at a gym, the quality of air you breathe definitely has an effect on your overall health. When you work out, you tend to breathe through your mouth which isn’t as effective as your nose in filtering out large pollutants. There’s also the added prospect of smaller pollutants going deeper into your lungs because you’re breathing harder when you exercise. In the short term, breathing in bad indoor air can cause symptoms like coughing, stingy eyes, runny nose, wheezing, and many more. Untreated, this could escalate and cause more serious breathing issues to develop in the long term.

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Tips For Working Out Safely Indoors

Ensure That Your House Is Properly Ventilated

Make sure you clean your home appliances like fans and air conditioners regularly. If you have a ventilator above your kitchen hob, use it so that the pollution from cooking can be vented outdoors. Every now and then, open all your windows and let your rooms air out of whatever pollutants that are trapped inside.

Stop Outdoor Pollutants From Coming In

You can’t be in control of the type of air that enters your house all the time. However, there are things that you can do to control certain types of pollutants. For example, you could take your shoes off before entering the house or wipe them down before bringing them in. You could also close all windows during high pollen days or, if you live near a main road, close them during rush hour traffic.

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Invest In HomePure Zayn

This may seem a bit obvious, but ultimately, it is a fact that clean indoor air is vital to our health in the long term. Thankfully, with a world-class quality ECARF-certified air purifier like HomePure Zayn, we can ensure that our family breathes the best possible air in our homes. Here are some additional tips on how you can enhance indoor air quality and keep yourself safe while exercising at home.

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Take Care Of Your Indoor Workout Space

It is a good idea to move your air purifier to your workout space an hour before you exercise. However, even things like choosing the right spot in your house, away from common indoor air pollutants, will really help. If you are a gym fiend, workout when it is off-peak hours if possible. It also will help you limit your indoor workout time.


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