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Important #QNET23 Anniversary Moments You Can’t Miss

Our #QNET23 Anniversary celebrations last week was a joyful reminder that companies do not succeed, people do. And so, we celebrated in the best way we knew how – with our distributors worldwide. We celebrated the #QNET23 Anniversary virtually with our QNET family from all over the world. From Africa to the UAE, from Europe to Indonesia, from Malaysia to Hong Kong and Singapore, it was an event to remember.

Turning Adversity Into A Success Story

Since our beginning in 1998, QNET has been a company that embodies a passion for innovation, people empowerment, and the spirit of RYTHM (Raising Yourself To Help Mankind) that exemplifies service above self. The path we took to establish our current resilience and success was not an easy one. Throughout our QNET history, QNET had to navigate through multiple adversities, such as the Asian Financial Crisis and the 2008 Economic Crash, to keep the company healthy and thriving.

As the saying “out of adversity comes opportunity” goes, QNET keeps succeeding against all odds. Even in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have still been able to thrive. Today, we have expanded our reach to more than 100 countries around the globe, with tailored products just for them, and a family of passionate and loyal distributors from all over the world. This year, QNET has hopes to bring the same drive and excitement to new SEA frontiers: Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The Southeast Asian economic powerhouses, driven by a combined working population of over 100 million people, poses an exciting new opportunity for QNET, whose grassroots business model is encountering widespread success in similar emerging markets.

Celebrating 23 Years of Love, Freedom, and Innovation

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Building a solid network of employees, distributors, and customers was one of our biggest goals when we first started. We also quickly realised that continuous innovation and improvement would be critical in differentiating us from other direct selling companies. Within our first year of establishment, QNET redefined itself and the direct selling industry by being one of the first adopters of e-commerce in Asia. Not just that, we reinvented their product portfolio to include a broad array of high-quality products to help people improve their quality of life, eventually launching an exclusive collection of Swiss-Made timepieces and jewellery – a first for any direct selling company.

Since then, our zeal for turning challenges into opportunities has never waned. Our structure is agile and adaptable in multiple avenues, whether through sustainability strategies, customer experience, global distributor support, or product development. This year, we revamped our QNET mobile app into an easily accessible, all-in-one digital business hub.  The app has won five awards for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive library of features, and ease of access. QNET has also racked up over 30 awards from various industry competitions and international awards organisations for its outstanding innovative practices and strategies in business, communications, and customer excellence throughout the past two years – an achievement we are so proud of.

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#QNET23 Anniversary Celebrations

To celebrate everything we have achieved so far, and every goal we’re going to smash in the coming years, we hosted a #QNET23 Anniversary celebration online. We were joined LIVE by distributors and employees from all over the world. Here are some of our memorable moments from the celebration.

QNET 23 Anniversary Celebrations 2021 1 1024x768 1
QNET 23 Anniversary Celebrations 2021 1
QNET 23 Anniversary Celebrations 2021 2 1024x576 1
QNET 23 Anniversary Celebrations 2021 2
QNET 23 Anniversary Celebrations 2021 2
QNET 23 Anniversary Celebrations 2021 3 1024x576 1
QNET 23 Anniversary Celebrations 2021 3
QNET 23 Anniversary Celebrations 2021 4 1024x683 1
QNET 23 Anniversary Celebrations 2021 4
QNET 23 Anniversary Celebrations 2021 6 1024x738 1
QNET 23 Anniversary Celebrations 2021 5 1024x768 1

The #QNET23 Anniversary celebration is a reminder of our 23-year legacy, which is a true success story born out of adversity. We have demonstrated, time and time again, how invaluable resilience, grit, and a drive to overcome difficult situations is for success. This month, we celebrate that. We look forward to many more achievements to come, and we just know that with you, everything is possible. We thank you for all your hard work, love, support, and for just being part of our journey.


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