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V Council Member Najim Jaffar Talks Rejection and Success in Direct Selling With QNET

V Council Member Najim Jaffar is a QNET Success Story from India, and he has been one of the shining members of the Achievers’ Club for the past seven years. He shares that, although getting there had not been easy, rejections and challenges have fuelled him to keep pursuing the QNET business. Read on for his full story!

Life Before QNET

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V Council Member and Sapphire Star Najim Jaffar from Kerala, India was a young graduate in architecture at the age of 23. He had experience with managing a few small businesses to help him manage his daily expenses. When he discovered QNET, he did not have the best impression about the company or the industry. In fact, he had told his referrer that he was impartial to this business.


As time went by, he looked to his brothers, Associate V Partner Nasib BR and V Elite Leader Ashik BR, who were already part of QNET. What gave him the confidence and reassurance was seeing Associate V Partner Nasib who had achieved success in the business he’d been building for ten years. He knew that Associate V Partner Nasib would not put his brothers in any difficulty.

Overcoming Challenges

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V Council Member Najim Jaffar recalls, “I’ve had a lot of challenges at different stages of my journey in QNET. Looking back, I don’t consider it as a challenge. All my challenges have been paved as my stepping stones to success. The first challenge was hitting my first cheque. It took me three months to hit my first cheque, but I became a consistent earner after my first V-Convention. The second challenge was my difficulty talking to people. V-Convention gave me confidence to talk to my close friends about the business.”

He also faced challenges with managing people and blocking out negativity. According to him, each time he had to weather an unpleasant situation, Associate V Partner Nasib would tell him, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” And so, with every challenge, he became a better person.

Facing Rejections

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As with many direct selling entrepreneurs, facing rejection is part of an entrepreneur’s journey. It’s no different for V Council Member Najim Jaffar.

At the beginning, out of 80 business presentations, he only got eight sign-ups. But attending V-Convention gave him incredible insights about the business and the direct selling industry. This helped him to successfully invite even the people who once rejected him.

There were also times that V Council Member Najim Jaffar felt like giving up. “Initially, no one supported me to pursue this business, including my family and close friends. And there were times where my business collapsed several times. That caused me to have doubts on myself and if I’m capable to do this, but I had my great uplines V Elite Leader Saju S Nair, Associate V Partner Sanu S Nair, and Associate V Partner Nasib BR who never gave up on me. When I faced problems in this business, I witnessed my grand uplines and the corporate family that came to help me. That is when I realised that I have a great team, not just in the business, but from the corporate family that stood by me.”

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Staying Motivated

V Council Member Najim Jaffar shares that, at first, proving people wrong was one of his best sources of motivation. These days, it has become his goals and dreams.

“My mentor has always reminded me that I will be the average of five people around me. I am thankful that I’m surrounded with many successful people who motivate me to do more. Another motivation of mine is my family and my team. I want to make my family proud, and I want to build a great team that will inspire more people with this great opportunity that is QNET.”

Becoming An Achiever


Advancing ranks in the QNET Achievers’ Club is a prestigious moment for every distributor who is building and expanding their business. V Council Member Najim Jaffar believes that if he isn’t aiming to achieve better ranks, his team will not be motivated to do the same.


“I’m very impressed with our company’s compensation plan, because if I want to maintain and advance my rank, I must ensure that my team is also on the same path. I always talk about rank advancement in my team. We have a recognition platform in our system, and the company also has a great recognition platform for all the achievers. Rank Advancement is the best tool to expand your business in small steps, and with this you can inspire your people to do the same.”

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“Try to learn from everyone around by putting aside all your insecurities and ego.”

– V Council Member Najim Jaffar


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