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Thunderbolts and Lightning! Five Business Lessons from Thor

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The Mighty Thor is back on the big screen this month in Thor: Love and Thunder, and this time, he’s on a quest for purpose and inner peace. 

We see Thor determined to shed the negativity, get his old sculpted physique back, and resume knocking out baddies. But things aren’t as they once were. And to make matters more confusing, he bumps into an old flame, who now wields his trusty hammer!

Fortunately, actor Chris Hemsworth’s version of Thor isn’t any ol’ superhero. This Thor has proven over the course of many Marvel films that he’s an Avenger who’s determined to succeed regardless of the situation.

There’s much we can learn from the warrior, and here are just five lessons that are guaranteed to inspire entrepreneurs and direct sellers to reach their fullest potential.

Don’t give up

Thor has been through a lot over the years. He’s lost an eye, endured ignominy and prison, and worse, been cheated and lied to by his step-brother Loki. Yet, he’s always managed to stay the course and trump the odds.

Granted, remaining committed and focused isn’t always easy. And it can feel especially hard when you’ve suffered great losses. 

However, Thor’s story suggests that failures and hard times aren’t the end of the world. Rather, they may be missteps and lessons to help us get back on the right path and score even bigger triumphs.

Respect is earned

Blowing your own trumpet may get you noticed. It may even help you attract business. However, to become a respected entrepreneur, you’ll have to prove yourself with a strong worth ethic, humility, professionalism and exemplary leadership.

The Mighty Thor learnt this the hard way.

In the first of his movie outings, he boasts about his strength and takes his status as God of Thunder for granted. Then, however, he gets sent to Earth, stripped of his powers, and learns that it’s only through working hard and by doing right by people that one becomes worthy of respect.

Embrace change


Change is a recurring theme in Thor stories. And whether it’s one’s weapon of choice being destroyed or having your long, flowing locks shorn, the lesson has always been that a change can do you good.

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Yes, few people like to step out of their comfort zones. But Thor shows us that the only sure way of getting ahead of the competition and ensuring that those who rely on us are getting the best is to move, learn, adapt and grow.

As he tells his nemesis step-bro in the 2017 film, Thor Ragnarok: “Life is about growth; it’s about change…”.

Everyone needs support


Whether you’re a direct sales superstar who’s scored impressive victories, or new to the business, everyone needs a team backing them.

You may indeed be able to hit targets on your own. Nevertheless, to paraphrase an oft-quoted adage, if you want to go far and make an impact, it’s imperative to work as a team.

Thor learns this lesson very early in his journey as a superhero. And the record shows that it was with the likes of the Warriors Three and Lady Sif, and the Avengers that he made the biggest difference. 

Don’t run away from problems

The path to success isn’t easy. And when times get tough, some business owners even consider throwing in the towel altogether.

Thor’s message, however, is: Run towards your problems, not away from them, because “that’s what heroes do”.

No doubt, facing up to challenges can sap one of the drives to keep going. Nevertheless, the reality is that ignoring issues allows them to fester and threaten business growth.

Remember, entrepreneurship can be challenging. But take it from the Mighty Thor, taking charge of your destiny is important to winning in life and in business.




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