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QNET Green Legacy Blooms As #HouseplantSelfieChallenge Winners Announced

HouseplantSelfieChallenge Winners 2022 QNET Green Legacy

The #HouseplantSelfieChallenge kept our QNET Green Legacy blooming with hundreds of entries coming in from all over the world. It proved that our distributors not only care about the environment and our planet but were keen on spreading awareness as well. The #HouseplantSelfieChallenge was hosted on the QNET Official Instagram account and asked fellow members of our green family to share photos of themselves with their favourite plants. Three winners stood a chance of taking home the HomePure Zayn 5-stage air purification system.

2022 #HouseplantSelfieChallenge Winners

While all of the entries were heartfelt and inspiring, three entries stood apart from the rest. Join us in congratulating our #HouseplantSelfieChallenge winners, and all the efforts they made in raising awareness about our environment

Karla Nelwan shared an inspiring video of her and her family caring for their plants, stressing the importance of inspiring people to build a Green Legacy for the next generation.

Tretyakova Zoya Andreevna made an amazing reel with her family that is hilariously entertaining while also being inspiring. Watch out for a cameo from their cat as well.

Winner Lim See Huy shows us how she cares for her snake plant, including using her Amezcua Bio Disc and HomePure Water Filter to give her plant nothing but the best.

All our winners will receive a HomePure Zayn 5-stage air purification system to help keep their indoor air safe and clean.

The #HouseplantSelfieChallenge would not be complete without a shout-out to Taman Hati Studio & Café in Malaysia, a local independent indoor plant shop, who were gracious enough to accept our challenge and share their own photos.

Our Work To Build A Green Legacy Continues

Continuing our work to create a better planet for the next generation is the best thing we can do for our families. Our fight to save our planet for our children doesn’t end here. Let’s keep raising awareness about important issues so that we leave the world a better place than when we came into it. Follow our QNET Green Legacy project updates, volunteer at local charities, and include an eco-friendly lifestyle as one of your priorities. Keep fighting. We can do this!




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