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3 Ways You Can Celebrate International Day Of World’s Indigenous People

The United Nations International Day Of World’s Indigenous People is observed so that we can recognise the importance of indigenous communities and do our bit to lift them up. It is our chance to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, and learn about their history, honour their importance and help them as they are currently among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the world. Here’s everything you need to know about them and what you can do to raise them up. 

Why Is International Day Of World’s Indigenous People Important?

Indigenous People have been and currently are vulnerable to displacement, violence and human rights abuses, and face the brunt of the consequences of industrialisation and commercial development. Although they make up only 6% of the world’s population, due to centuries of systematic oppression, they represent around 19% of the world’s poor. International Day Of World’s Indigenous People is a great starting point to understand the struggles of the community, learn more about how best to help them, and become advocates of Indigenous people’s rights worldwide. 

How To Recognise International Indigenous People’s Day

Here’s how you can honour and help the Indigenous community this International Day Of World Indigenous People 2022. 

1. Enquire About Indigenous Communities In Your Country

Learning about our native communities is the best way to honour their history and understand how best to help them thrive. Enquire with local indigenous non-profits, diversify your reading list, watch local documentaries or listen to podcasts on the subject. 

2. Support Indigenous Communities And Businesses

The most direct way to help Indigenous Communities wherever you live and wherever you travel is to buy from small indigenous businesses. This will help you not only positively contribute to the local economy, but you will also help create more jobs within their community. 

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3. Learn About What RYTHM Projects Helping Indigenous People

Through the RYTHM Foundation, QNET has helped make a difference to indigenous people worldwide. Through on-the-ground partners, we have been able to provide aid and relief to communities that need it the most. Here are just a few examples: 

QNET RYTHM Indigenous People Chepang Nepal
The Indigenous People of Chepang, Nepal
QNET RYTHM Indigenous People Kolli Hills
RYTHM in action at Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

To see a full list of things you can do to honour International Day Of World’s Indigenous People, read this article by RYTHM Foundation. Share these tips with your friends and family and help us uplift the Indigenous community together. 


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