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Which Type of Watch Collector Are You?

Your watch says more about you than you can imagine. Being a collector of luxury pieces marks you out as someone who appreciates the fine things in life. But what timepiece style are you drawn to, and what does that say about you?

Most entrepreneurs fall under one of these categories, depending on what they value most in life. Whether you are an avid collector or just getting started, here’s a quick breakdown — and some pieces from Bernhard H. Mayer® — just for you.

The Brand Loyalist

These watch collectors know exactly what they like and stick to it. You are a Brand Loyalist if your loyalty to your favourite brand reflects your sense of dedication. Your collection may boast a wide range of styles from vintage to modern, all from the same brand, such as Bernhard H. Mayer®, which offers a variety of watch styles that appeal to different tastes.

The Vintage Enthusiast

‘Old is gold’ is the motto of a Vintage Enthusiast who strives to collect the classics. You are this type of watch collector if you are drawn to looks and features similar to the brand’s first-edition pieces. You are not interested in jazzy features and prefer good old-fashioned watchmaking artistry.

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The Complicated Collector

These collectors are in love with complex mechanisms, whether vintage or modern. You are a Complicated Collector if you love complex features that take timepieces to the next level. Whether chronographs, tourbillions, flight calculators, minute repeaters or even perpetual calendars, you want your watch to showcase something extra.

The Style Savant

You are a Style Savant if aesthetics and fashion are high on your list of priorities. You are interested in timepieces that reflect your personality. Your watch of choice always makes a grand statement and looks like a work of art.

Bernhard H. Mayer®’s PowerMaster Series would surely appeal to style savants. These limited-edition Swiss-made watches are designed with bold colours, strong lines, and a sporty aesthetic with intricate details. Visually stunning and highly functional, they’re perfect for ambitious, trendy urban dwellers who want to stand out. Each timepiece is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a timepiece that makes a bold statement while reflecting their personality.

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The Precision Pursuer

Accurate to within a few seconds per year, Quartz watches or timepieces with chronometer certifications are your jam if you’re a Precision Pursuer. You love watches that don’t require constant fussing. You are always looking for a timepiece with a stable rate that provides accuracy, precision, and, let’s be honest, a certain level of perfection.

The Mechanical Maverick

Introduced in the early 16th century, mechanical watches are designed for people truly passionate about watchmaking. You are a Mechanical Maverick if you prefer traditional winding mechanisms in your timepieces. The craftsmanship of the watch is what elevates it from being just another accessory to being a must-have statement piece.

The Bernhard H. Mayer® Mecanique Rose Gold is a stunning mechanical watch that celebrates the craftsmanship and luxury of traditional timepieces. With its elegant rose gold finish plus an open case back that allows you to see the beautiful blue steel jewels carefully arranged with a special technique, this watch is a rare gem that makes a strong statement. The open case back allows you to appreciate the beauty of the intricate details and elevates it from being a simple timepiece to a work of art.

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The Investment Investor

If you focus your watch collecting efforts on acquiring beautiful timepieces that appreciate in value over time, then you are most likely an Investment Investor. You are drawn to luxury watches that are investments and highly sought-after. They are usually high-demand timepieces that scream wealth and class. You are interested in a well-considered goldmine.

Depending on your interest or style, you may fit into more than one category of a watch collector. However, one of these types of watch collectors may stand out to you more than the others. Let us know in the comments.

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