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Beware of QNET Scams: How to Stay Safe


In an effort to safeguard our community and uphold the integrity of our brand, QNET is committed to raising awareness about the fraudulent activities perpetrated under the guise of our name. We've observed a concerning trend of scams ranging from fake investment schemes to illegitimate job offers, all falsely associated with QNET.

These malicious actions not only tarnish our reputation but also victimize unsuspecting individuals, robbing them of their hard-earned money and trust. This page serves as an official resource

to help you identify, avoid, and report these scams, ensuring you and your loved ones remain protected against these unscrupulous practices.


QNET does not offer any investment schemes. We strongly condemn any association with individuals misrepresenting the QNET direct selling opportunity as an investment scheme. QNET offers a wide range of health, wellness, and lifestyle products to individual customers as well as distributors who choose to build an independent sales business by promoting these products to others and earn commissions on product sales.

QNET warns the public against such scams that misuse and exploit our brand name to lure individuals into such schemes. Be wary of unrealistic promises of quick wealth. Verify information directly with QNET and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. We are committed to protecting the rights of the customers and promoting a culture of transparency, integrity, and trust.

QNET’s compensation plan only rewards distributors for selling products, not for recruitment. Individuals promising quick or easy money through recruitment are engaging in unauthorised and illegal activity. Such schemes are pyramid schemes and are not sustainable in the long term.
QNET’s direct selling business opportunity is a tried and tested business model that operates within the legal framework of trade and business. QNET will never offer compensation solely for adding people to your network. Building a sales network can involve signing up as a distributor, but it plays a supporting role, and commissions are strictly tied to product sales.
We urge the public to be wary of any offers promising significant income without genuine product sales and to verify the legitimacy of such claims directly with QNET.  QNET remains committed to ethical business practices and actively combats any attempts to misrepresent our company or exploit consumers.

The QNET direct selling business is an entrepreneurial venture and requires hard work, planning, and takes time, just like any other business, to scale up.   Success in this business cannot be achieved overnight. Building a successful and sustainable direct sales business with QNET requires building a team, strategic planning, training, and commitment.

QNET has been made aware of fake, false, and misleading job offers being posted in the name of QNET in online forums and social media, especially in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. People are invited for interviews and subsequently asked for money to secure the job. QNET condemns these scams and urges the public to beware of these fraudulent offers.

QNET DOES NOT offer job or travel opportunities in exchange for payment. If you or someone you know is approached with a suspicious “QNET job opportunity” DO NOT engage. Please immediately report it our hotline email – [email protected].


We strongly condemn these scams and want to assure all job seekers that QNET does not require any upfront fees for applications, interviews, or any other part of the hiring process. The only legitimate way to apply for a position at QNET is through official company email addresses.


Be mindful if you are being contacted about a job you did not apply for, being pressured to pay a fee in order to secure an interview, communicated through personal email addresses instead of official company domains (e.g.,, requested to produce personal information beyond what is typically required on a job application. We encourage everyone to be vigilant and report any suspected job scams to the authorities.

It has come to our attention that several websites that closely resemble the official QNET website in appearance and functionality are targeting unsuspecting individuals to steal their personal information.

Scammers create such fake websites to steal information such as passwords, credit card details, and other sensitive data.

We request the public to be cautious. Always double-check the URL. Ensure it precisely matches the official QNET domain. Be wary of websites with poor design, grammatical errors, or unrealistic promises of high returns or guaranteed success. Verify if the contact details listed on the website match those found on our official channels.

If you are in doubt, please email [email protected] to verify this information or call our customer support on +6015 4600 0328.

Only access QNET through our verified websites and social media pages. Never share personal information or conduct financial transactions on platforms whose legitimacy you haven’t confirmed. Report any suspicious websites to QNET immediately. We are actively committed to combating fraudulent activity. QNET works diligently to identify and take down fake websites. We collaborate with relevant authorities to ensure these deceptive platforms are removed and our customers are protected.

QNET has been made aware of individuals in certain west African countries such as Sierra Leona, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, and Burkina Faso falling victim to a scam that misuses the QNET name. In these incidents, ‘agents’ purportedly representing QNET, are offering overseas travel opportunities and visas to individuals in exchange for a hefty fee.
Please be aware of such scams and do not fall for these false promises. QNET does not engage in such illegal activities and does not have any such agents.  Please exercise caution regarding any such offers claiming affiliation with QNET and requesting payment for visas or overseas travel.

Reporting QNET Scam Activities

If you or someone you know has been targeted by these scams misusing the QNET name, please report these incidents to us with all the relevant information to [email protected]

Direct Selling Disinformation Centre

Please also visit the Direct Selling Disinformation Centre for information on
·       Direct Selling Industry
·       Pyramid Schemes
·       Types of Disinformation about the Industry
·       Reporting Disinformation

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