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Does EDG3 prevent heart disease and stroke?

No, EDG3 doesn’t cure diseases. EDG3 is a supplement, it is not a drug and is not meant to treat or cure any medical conditions. EDG3 is a supplement that helps your body naturally make glutathione, a natural antioxidant produced by your body to boost your immunity and improve your well-being.

Who is responsible for resolving customer issues when there are problems, QNET or your IRs?

If any customer has a product or service-related grievance, QNET will take full responsibility for it. We have a multilingual…

How do I contact QNET?

You can reach out to our Award-winning Global Support Centre (GSC) which operates in 12 languages from 14 global hubs.

In which countries does QNET operate?

QNET maintains a network of offices and agencies across over 25 countries globally. These locations play a vital role in…

Where is the QNET headquarters located?

The QNET headquarters is in Hong Kong.

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