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Has QNET been banned in any countries?

QNET Banned?

Due to the nature of the direct selling business model, almost every single company in this industry has faced challenges in new and emerging markets. Why Some Countries Say No to the QNET MLM Company?Direct selling is not very well understood in many countries, and a lack of regulation creates confusion and misunderstanding. However, QNET is not banned in India or in any country.

In 2009, Rwanda’s Ministry of Finance issued a notice banning QNET because our operations were not localised at the time. We opened a dialogue with the government and addressed their concerns, and in 2012, we set up a local company in Rwanda, following which the Ministry of Finance revoked the ban showing QNET Scam is not accurate. This company now serves as our East African hub for .

In Saudi Arabia, the government issued a ban on direct selling and the entire network marketing industry. QNET was not singled out. However, we were one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in Saudi at one point and had gained significant prominence; this is why media reports had often mentioned QNET when they covered the country’s overall ban on the industry.

Who is responsible for resolving customer issues when there are problems, QNET or your IRs?

If any customer has a product or service-related grievance, QNET will take full responsibility for it. We have a multilingual…

How do I contact QNET?

You can reach out to our Award-winning Global Support Centre (GSC) which operates in 12 languages from 14 global hubs.

In which countries does QNET operate?

QNET maintains a network of offices and agencies across over 25 countries globally. These locations play a vital role in…

Where is the QNET headquarters located?

The QNET headquarters is in Hong Kong.

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