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Why do people leave QNET?

Like all business, people move on for all sorts of reasons — life changes, new opportunities, or because it wasn’t what they expected. Direct selling business is not for everyone. Those who walk into it armed with information, having done their homework and approaching it like the entrepreneurial opportunity that it is, understand what it takes to succeed. However, there are many people who do not fully understand what they are getting into and expect to start making money overnight. This is when the challenges begin.

It is important to understand that direct selling, just like any other business, requires hard work. To succeed, you need to be committed, stay focussed on your goals, and be willing to work hard. Direct selling is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but when it’s done right, it can be really rewarding.

Most IRs of QNET are happy with their experiences building a business. For others, the amount of work required isn’t worth it. Those who venture into QNET or any other direct selling business for that matter, without clearly understanding what is involved, soon realise that they are not prepared for it, and that this business is not for them.

For every person who gives up, there are stories of those who persevered and are living proof that QNET has the potential to change lives for the better. Read their stories.

Some of those who have left the QNET business have stated that they learned valuable business skills, especially in sales, marketing, and people management while doing the QNET business.

Who is responsible for resolving customer issues when there are problems, QNET or your IRs?

If any customer has a product or service-related grievance, QNET will take full responsibility for it. We have a multilingual…

How do I contact QNET?

You can reach out to our Award-winning Global Support Centre (GSC) which operates in 12 languages from 14 global hubs.

In which countries does QNET operate?

QNET maintains a network of offices and agencies across over 25 countries globally. These locations play a vital role in…

Where is the QNET headquarters located?

The QNET headquarters is in Hong Kong.

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