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Improve Your Blood Circulation With Kenta

We’re all too familiar with the feeling of numbness or that painful muscle spasm in one of our limbs. The common cause for this: poor blood circulation.

Blood circulation is a critical function for our body because it basically acts as the ‘transporter’ of oxygen to the brain and all other vital organs. To put it simply, without blood, our body loses its ability to function. Good blood circulation promotes healthier skin and aids in cell growth, as it ensures that the nutrients from all the food you consume are absorbed into every cell. This helps your cells grow naturally and protects your organs.

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Kenta Helps Boost Your Blood Circulation

To improve your blood circulation, we designed Kenta – a natural food formula inspired by the Okinawa Diet. Okinawa’s inhabitants hold the world record for longest life expectancies and lowest mortality rates. Studies claim that this is due to their traditional diet consists mostly of green and yellow vegetables, soy and other legumes, and sweet potatoes. Kenta’s unique formula conveniently brings all these to the comfort of your home.

Kenta consists of nattokinase enzyme, a nutrient that is found only in natto. It works as a natural blood thinner and reduces blood clots and arterial plaque, which can lead to stroke or heart attack. For people over 75 years old, who are 10 times more prone to experiencing congestive heart failure, nattokinase enzymes are able to lower risks by clearing the way for easy blood flow through the blood vessels and arteries.

Kenta’s benefits include promoting cardiovascular health, elevating the secretion of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), regulating sleep, and improving mood and skin health.

If you take Kenta, make sure you use clean water with it. All its benefits become twice more powerful when used with water from HomePure Nova. These two make excellent partners for your body’s absolute wellbeing.


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