Thursday, March 23, 2023

Jelly Around The Belly And What You Can Do About It

Gentlemen, if you’re struggling with jelly around the belly, then get ready for some not-so-good news. As we age, our testosterone levels start to decrease. For most men, this usually means that fat accumulates around the waistline, which can cause overall health concerns. Losing belly fat is no easy task, especially if your metabolism is no longer what it used to be.

One of the biggest factors contributing to excess belly fat is low testosterone.

Scientists have discovered an enzyme in our bodies called aromatase, which converts men’s testosterone into oestrogen. This enzyme helps balance out hormones and favours fat in men. Meaning, when a man starts gaining more fat tissue, he, as a result, produces more and more aromatase, which converts more of his testosterone into oestrogen. When a man has more oestrogen in his body it slows down the production of testosterone. Lower testosterone means more belly fat. This becomes a jolly cycle around the waistline (which, by the way, just keeps getting wider).

But that’s not all.

Having too much or too little oestrogen becomes a problem because it can lead to weight gain, mood changes, and sexual dysfunction in men. Having a balance of these hormones is essential to maintaining one’s mental and physical health.

Furthermore, since testosterone is what promotes muscle growth, the absence of it causes oestrogen to store fat in unwanted places, particularly the belly. Increased body fat indicates low testosterone and can cause depression, apathy, and fatigue, which in turn can make men lose the will to exercise and continue leading a healthy lifestyle.

The way we lead our lives is killing our own testosterone levels.

We constantly expose ourselves to factors which affect our testosterone levels, from chemicals released through everyday products, such as phthalate from plastic items and processed foods, to smoking, stress, and even sugar consumption.

What can be done?

Here at QNET, we believe in Absolute Living. So, gentlemen, if you’re looking to boost your testosterone, lose fat and balance your hormones, look no more and come alive with QAlive!

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Made from a blend of natural plant-based ingredients, including our patented Physta™ Tongkat Ali, Q Alive has been clinically proven to naturally increase your testosterone levels, helping:

  • Boost energy and stamina
  • Maintain bone mass
  • Enhance muscle mass and strength
  • Regulate sexual health
  • Strengthen blood circulation and heart health, and
  • Improve mood and stress

It’s also extremely important to boost your progress with a clean, structured diet. Focus on plant-based foods, such as vegetables and whole grains. To take care of the stubborn jelly around your belly, consider ways you can be more active every day – take the stairs, park further out in the parking lot, pace while you’re on the phone, walk your dog, and play some sports.

And with QAlive, you can rest assured you’re well on the right path!


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