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Enchant With The Elegance of Bernhard H. Mayer® Pearl Icons Collection

Bernhard H Mayer Pearl Icons Collection

Timeless, elegant, sophisticated — words that perfectly describe the Bernhard H. Mayer® Pearl Icons Collection. Each item in the selection showcases grace at its finest.

At first glance, they may look just like common pearls. But these prized products of the Akoya oyster (Pinctada frucata matensii) are actually very different. In natural conditions, it takes about 10-20 months to cultivate good quality Akoya pearls with a thick coating. Farmers work hard at sea during this time, monitoring and cleaning the oysters constantly to ensure pearl quality. In the end, each oyster produces just two pearls per harvest.

Akoya pearls look and feel magical. Their luster is so vibrant and unlike any other. The collection, made only with the finest of these pearls, is as rare and precious as it is extremely stunning and beautiful. The classic pearl is brought up to date with a fashionable flair and a hint of modernism. This makes all of the pieces perfect to wear whether at business meetings or at dinner parties.

Every woman deserves a set of pearls that they can use to flaunt their femininity at many, many situations. Look at your pearl choices for necklaces and other jewellery under the Bernhard H. Mayer® Pearl Icons Collection:

Luna Necklace

Drench in delightful shimmer

She who wears this string of Akoya pearls on her neck is sure to radiate charm. Make a bold statement at any social gathering with the Luna Necklace. Declare your style and poise from across the room, showing a beautiful amount of confidence and commanding the attention of others.

Moon Glory Set

Moon-kissed splendour

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The most versatile in the Bernhard H. Mayer® Pearl Icons Collection is great for your day-to-night look. Look energetic and bright from your first coffee to your last cocktail with the Moon Glory Set. Keep dazzling everyone from the office to the dance floor with your Akoya pearl pendant and earrings on.

Greta Bracelet

A gentle touch of class

They say outfits are completed by bringing in small but significant elements, and the Greta Bracelet does just that. Decorate your wrist with a piece that exhibits how much you pay attention to detail. Let a simple yet stylish gold bangle and chain reveal the magnetic personality you possess

These stunning pieces are now available in your eStore. Check out the entire Bernhard H. Mayer® Pearl Icons Collection and treat yourself or your loved ones to one today.


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