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Second wave: How direct selling can get you past the Covid-19 career speed bump

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From a health crisis, COVID-19 has also developed into a global jobs crisis that sees countless businesses closed and workers laid off.
According to the United Nations, as many as 34 million people have been pushed into poverty as a result. Yet despite the economic adversities, direct selling is one of the few industries to consistently chart gains and show resilience. 

But how?

Among the key reasons is that while traditional brick and mortar establishments have struggled to cope, direct selling’s agile and customer-focused model continues to provide solutions to pandemic-related problems like lockdowns. 

Crucially too, it not only causes folks to recognise the value in being responsible for their own incomes but offers a lifeline to many in these challenging times.

If you’re seeking a new career boost, direct selling can help you get back on track. Here’re more reasons why: 

Minimal capital investment

Unlike traditional businesses, direct selling has minimal startup costs and next-to-zero recurring operational overheads.

There’s also no need to spend on an extensive inventory of products.

These factors have been important selling points about the industry for a long time. But they’re particularly important to people whose finances have been battered by the pandemic and who don’t have the means to invest in big new ventures. 

Work when you want, where you want

A key feature of direct selling is that it’s the seller who’s in charge of his or her success. That means you! You decide how much to work, how much you earn, and where to work.

True, direct selling involves meeting prospects and pitching. Yet, these aspects, as well as linking up with uplines and other members in the organisation, can be easily accomplished via video meetings.

The two years under COVID-19 have revealed a host of benefits of working from home, including greater productivity and happier work life, and these advantages are just as present to direct sellers.


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Diversify your income streams

Though not everyone has been laid off due to the pandemic, reports reveal that about one in three full-time workers has suffered pay cuts.

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Many companies have been forced to slash salaries in order to stay afloat and keep workers employed. 

Sadly, it’s wage earners that are among the most unfavourably impacted.

Direct selling, therefore, offers a means for those affected to establish additional income streams in a risk-free environment.

It’s a booming industry

Direct selling has weathered numerous global crises through the years, yet always emerges stronger and better equipped to handle the next challenge.

The same is projected for the industry over the next few years. Companies with health and wellness portfolios, like QNET, are expected to record even greater growth.

In short, there’s no better industry to step into at this particular moment.

You don’t have to fly solo

Whether you’re entering direct selling full-time or as a means to supplement your income, you don’t have to go it alone.

One of the crucial, yet often overlooked, advantages of direct selling is the mentorship factor.

Mentorship and coaching are crucial to business success. Unfortunately, most traditional entrepreneurs stumble and fall because they lack people who can offer both encouragement and professional counsel. 

Direct selling, however, has this feature built into the business model. In fact, most successful marketers would admit that the mentorship provided by their uplines was vital to their business triumphs.


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