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25 Lessons from QNET Success Stories to Spur You to Greater Heights

As rewarding as it is to be one’s own boss, business owners can often find themselves with no playbook and having to learn via trial and error. However, that need not always be the case with direct selling, especially not at QNET, where entrepreneurs or Independent Representatives (IR) learn from and lean on those who have previously walked in their shoes.

With that in mind, here are 25 lessons on hitting your targets, growing your business and prospering, from the QNET Success Stories we’ve witnessed through the years.

1. Start with a dream, then hold on to that vision

Every entrepreneurship journey begins with a dream, and it is important that IRs never stop visualising the future they want.

2. Success comes to those who are patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and as we’re reminded time and time again, neither are great direct selling businesses. So, don’t look to rush to the finish line. Instead, take it slow and steady.

3. Great gains come with sacrifice

In direct selling, when, where and how much one works is entirely up to the individual entrepreneur. But to ensure great success, you will have to invest both time and effort and make some sacrifices.

4. Commitment is key

Regardless of whether you’ve taken up the QNET business opportunity full-time or as a side hustle, you must be committed. This means you’ve got to make concerted efforts to succeed and stay the course.

5. Nurture your network

You may want a big network. But what’s more important is that you strive to help the team members you have to prosper and be the best they can be. Remember, a strong team means a strong business.

QNET Success Stories 2023 Leadership

6. Don’t fear rejection

Prospects and customers may turn you down, ditto friends and even family. But know that rejection is part and parcel of success, and every QNET superstar has had to face it in some form or another.

7. Be open to training, coaching, and mentoring

You don’t need a fancy degree or business experience to score big returns in direct selling. But entrepreneur-focused development courses, like the kind offered by qLearn, can put you in good stead. The opportunity to be mentored by business owners who’ve seen it all before is also an important one.

8. Negative views are views, not facts

Those closest to you may occasionally rain on your parade. But unwarranted negative opinions aren’t facts. So, keep your eye on the figurative prize and pay no heed to pessimism.

9. Duplicate your success

Just as you’ve benefitted from the know-how of your mentors, your duty, once you’ve attained your goals, is to transfer that knowledge to your downlines. This helps inspire all-around achievement and create more QNET Success Stories.

10. Leadership is not a choice

Newbies or veterans, we’re all called to lead in the way that we practise what we preach, communicate our vision to team members and prospects, and care for and show interest in others.

QNET Success Stories Teamwork

11. Consistency wins races

You don’t have to live and breathe your business 24-7. However, success is only possible through consistency of focus and action. It’s about maintaining the momentum in your entrepreneurial journey.

12. Strive to strengthen relationships

Direct selling is a people-oriented business. Hence, building and sustaining professional and personal relationships sincerely and honestly is crucial in good and challenging times.

13. Stay curious

Many of us lose the childlike sense of wonder and inquisitiveness as we grow older. Yet, it’s that same curiosity and desire to unlock doors that will propel entrepreneurs further and higher.

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14. Confidence can be built

Few of us are naturally confident. But when you do right by your customers and team, and keep learning and being inspired, what you’re actually doing is becoming more confident day by day and slowly but surely.

15. Embrace creativity and innovation

Direct selling has changed over the years by adapting to trends and staying ahead of the curve, and so should individual direct sellers. The message here is to be open to new possibilities, both for you and your team.

qLearn Graduation QNET Success Stories

16. Never give up

Entrepreneurial success never follows a straight path. And there may be potholes aplenty on your journey. But stay resilient, and if/when you fall, get back on that horse.

17. Break free from expectations

Get a degree, secure a good job, and start a family… society is packed with preconceived notions and people dishing advice. But it’s only when entrepreneurs choose to rock the boat and chase that dream that they truly come into their own.

18. Maintain your motivations

Despite patience being a virtue, staying motivated over time can be difficult, especially when faced with doubt. Try to recall the reason you began this journey, and allow that memory to guide you.

19. You are the product

QNET has an extensive product portfolio. However, you, as the focal point of your business, are the “product” that prospects and customers actually say yes to. Hence, ensure that you reward their faith in you.

20. Change the way you think

Entrepreneurship necessitates a mindset shift, more so if one has been used to being a wage earner. So, endeavour to be humble from the start, and listen to and learn from those who’ve succeeded.

develop a winning direct selling mindset qnet success stories

21. Quality over quantity

Success isn’t always determined by how many hours you put into your QNET business. Rather, it’s about the quality of the time you invest and whether or not you’re totally focused on your tasks and goals.

22. Don’t be ruled by fear

Fear of the unknown is so powerful that it can cripple us, and keep us from realising our dreams. But as that oft-quoted adage says: nothing ventured, nothing gained. So steel yourself, and take that first step.

23. It’s not about getting rich

It’s possible to gain large financial returns through direct selling, but true success is about more than how much money you make. It’s about helping others and sharing this journey with those around you.

24. Always be ethical

Never aim to make a quick buck. Instead, seek to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards, regardless of whether you’re dealing with customers, prospects or team members.

25. Keep things simple

Don’t get bogged down by the nitty-gritty. Rather, focus on the basic things that your prospects would want to know about. Importantly, always remember QNET’s legitimacy and that direct selling allows individuals to take control of their lives.


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